May 2023 Mission of the Month

Cindy is a bright young girl! At the age of 16 she began college with the dream of becoming a doctor. She worked hard, studied diligently and was about to finish her last year before going on to med school.  That dream was cut short, however, when she contracted a rare disease called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.  This condition causes a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system which controls functions like blood pressure, heart rate, and a wide variety of functions most of us take for granted.

The problem for Cindy was that the disruptions to normal life caused her to miss several classes and labs in her last year as she was learning about this disease and how to control it.  The result is that she was not allowed to graduate and will be required to retake several classes.  Her scholarships have run out and her family, while certainly willing to help have come up short of the needed funds to re-enroll.  The total cost to finish this last year will be $17,000. Her family has been able to commit $14,000, leaving her $3,000 short.  Our American Baptist Churches Great River Region has generously pledged to match donations up to $1,500.  So for donations totaling $1,500 we have an opportunity to frustration and despair into hope and blessing in this young lady's life.

We read in Romans 8:28 that, "in all things God works for the good of those who love him".  Sometimes we forget that the "good things" God is doing come through the blessings that He has already given to you.  Join us in showing this young lady what hope and love can look like in her life.