Zach Ruins Christmas

Christmas is such an exciting part of our Christian year.  Soon after Thanksgiving we begin singing the old familiar Christmas carols. We decorate.  We think of friends, family, and those less fortunate. Sunday sermons remind us of the expectation of the coming Messiah - his first coming for the those living 2000 years ago and his return for us.  We hear stories of Christ's birth found in Matthew and Luke just as we have for so many years. Christmas is an exciting season!

But wait a minute. What of those familiar stories found in the Bible? Is what you remember actually what the Bible says or do you remember tradition that has been told and retold?  Try answering some of these questions?

  • Do the gospels of Matthew and Luke agree or disagree about the story of Jesus' birth?
  • How old was Mary when she was betrothed the Joseph? How old was Joseph?
  • Who was present the night Jesus was born?
  • Where was  Jesus born in Bethlehem? Why?
  • How would you describe the surroundings Jesus was born into?
  • Where did the wise men come from? Who were they? Why are they included in the narrative?
  • What did the angel look like who announced the birth of John the Baptist to  Zechariah and Elizabeth?
  • What did the angel look like who appeared to Mary?  How about Joseph? How about the shepherds?

Well if you got those right, then you've ruined the study for Pastor Zach!  BUT ARE YOU SURE????  Listen in to the audio of part one of our study concluded on December 17, 2023.  (You'll have until next year for part two of the study.  Sorry.)